Wishmas List

Last year I started what I am hoping to make an annual tradition, the Wishmas List. I'm a few days late (as seems to be the norm around here), but I thought I'd review how last year's list went, and make a new one for 2014. I'll just use the same categories, for the sake of convenience.

2013: The roundup

Health & fitness

I said I wanted to get my health issues "squared away," and I guess I can say that's done. I think we've identified everything at this point, and they're all being treated. I hope so, anyway. I'm kind of charmed by my goal of "working up to doing a couple of 5ks and maybe a 10k by the end of the year": as I mentioned a few days ago, I've done 11 races this year, with the longest being 25k, and along the way I discovered I love trail running best of all. I have a 26k coming up in a few weeks. I didn't manage to get back into lifting in any serious way, as I'd hoped, so that's one to carry over into the new year. I've done pretty well on food tracking; I've gone through some periods without (and some not-great periods of eating), but on the whole I've been eating a fairly healthy diet and even lost a few pounds, so I'm feeling good about myself in that sense. I'm not sure why I included a new motorcycle under this category (probably because it's such a great mental health boost for me), but that definitely didn't happen, and is highly unlikely in 2014, too, to my great regret. I need to get my financial house into serious order before I can invest in a vehicle.


Once again I failed to pick up an instrument. I'm still interested in learning to play drums, but also yearning to get back to piano. Those are both probably more distant at this point, though. If I thought 2012 was too light on the improv, 2013 was practically a desert. My troupe did have a key spot at the local festival, and even traveled out of state to perform, but my own participation has been spotty at best. And the two-person show has been on long-term hiatus. This one is definitely at the top of my 2104 priority list.

I've already mentioned that writing has made a comeback, even though I'd actually forgotten it was a goal. With any luck that will continue to move forward.


I've not been the fabulous friend I'd hoped to become, but things have definitely improved in that department compared to a year ago. As I mentioned, there was an LA road trip, but I also had two visits from out-of-town friends, a trip to Boston in June, dear friends' (absolutely fantastic) wedding in November. And I've made an important new friend who's become a major fixture in my life. Unfortunately, I haven't spent nearly as much time with my friends as I'd like. That's something to work on for next year. I also still tend to withdraw when things are rough. I'm working on it. Apparently, these things don't fix themselves overnight. Hrmph.

Greater good

I was really serious about wanting to get more involved in local politics, I announced last Christmas. Er. Well... I did briefly date a guy who was involved in politics this year. Does that count? I wholly underestimated the degree to which work and other pressures would occupy my time and energies. As for volunteering, I helped at the aid station earlier this month, remember? Sadly, that was it. Well, unless you count volunteering at the improv festival in April, which maybe I should. Still. Kind of pathetic.


So, as usual, didn't get as much done as I wanted to this year. Not even close. However, I have had some very positive feedback from a few different directions, so I guess I'm doing okay. That's pretty much all I can say about that. Or want to, for that matter.

Now, on to next year. I'm going to try to be super brief, but well, it's me.

2014: Wishing into the New Year

Health & fitness

I want to keep running, try to stay consistent with training. For 2014, I'd like to work my way up to longer distances; I'm already registered to run the 21-mile noncompetitive race at Big Sur in April (the marathon sold out in less than an hour--not that I would feel anywhere near ready for that so soon), but I want to keep doing events in the 25-30k distance range on the trails to build up my strength and endurance. My current longer term goal is 50k by 50, so 2015 is going to be the big year for that. Hitting the gym for some lifting will also help me along, as well as being good for my overall fitness. And my medication regime (yes, now I am a person who has to juggle multiple medications a day) is going to need some tweaking. I also need to get better about taking everything every day, when I am supposed to. I don't do all that well with fiddly schedules that need to be maintained over the long term.


Improv and my collaborative project with Evan are at the top of this list. I also want to become more fearless in general when it comes to putting myself out there, creatively. Posting that song the other day was easily the most terrifying thing I've ever done online, because I have a deep-seated fear of singing in public. (As a kid, I loved it. Go figure.) So even though it's a tiny thing in the grand scheme, I need more of those tiny things, which (the reasoning goes) will eventually add up to the equivalent of Drano, clearing out the fear scum that is blocking my awesomeness plumbing. Or something.


This category didn't exist last year, because I was too focused on getting healthier. But next year, the big news is, I'm co-organizing our study abroad program, so assuming we get enough students (which may or may not be a reasonable assumption), I should be going to Europe for three weeks next summer. Not on a leisure trip, granted, but my reward at the end is to tack on a couple of weeks of lounging around in Italy. That's the plan-slash-fantasy, anyway. We'll see how it pans out. Other than that, there's the aforementioned April trip to California (which will be my first AirBnB experience, too), and... that's pretty much it. I'm submitting for a conference that might take me to New Jersey at the beginning of May, but the timing is a little tricky, meaning even if I get in, it's going to be a quick out-and-back without much time to stop and smell the Wawa.

Work & Career

One way or another, this is going to be a big year for me, career-wise. Wishmas-wise, I definitely hope it's in a good way. I have other plans, but, well, this isn't the venue for discussing them, alas. So I'll just leave it as a hope that I continue to remain employed.


What I really wish for the is the ability to magically conjure up more time with friends, old and new. But that seems improbable. In more realistic terms, I'd really like to ensure that I have some regular quality time with my people. Getting more actively back into improv will go a long way in that direction, frankly, but it's not enough. Some of the faces in the running community have become more familiar, and I'd like to turn at least part of that familiarity into friendships. As for my friends who don't fit into either of those categories, I'm going to have to figure out a way to manage my schedule better to make sure I see them.

Last year I didn't even mention dating, because 2012 had been such a total crapfest I was simply not in a place to even think about it. I didn't do a whole lot of it this year, but there were some good moments. I had a really excellent first date--possibly my first ever, which is pretty sad. In the end it didn't go anywhere, but it was a relief to discover that it is possible for me to connect with people on initial meeting. I had some fun conversations, most of which didn't lead to meeting up, and a handful of meh-to-terrible dates. Overall, a pretty lackluster showing. All of these were from online, and not for the first time I'm concluding that it's not a model that really works for me. I did also have a brief dalliance with someone I originally met offline, and even though that also didn't lead to romance, I have to say I prefer it as an overall system. The problem, of course, is figuring out where and how to meet these elusive fellas out in the wild. So, for 2014, I'd like to get out even beyond my regular social circles, meet some new people and go on some dates with them.

Hell, since it's Wishmas and all, let's go crazy: I realize it's considered lame nowadays to admit this, like it's a shameful weakness, but I would really like to meet someone who's not just going to be fun company for a few dates, but someone I truly dig, who digs me back, who isn't afraid to use words like "boyfriend" and who actually likes the idea of making plans to stick together for the foreseeable future, as long as things are working. Then again, I've always had an overactive imagination.

So there it is. My Wishmas List for 2014 is complete; let's see how I do with it.