Christmas Reboot

I am trying to focus on renewal this holiday season, which also means trying to renew my enthusiasm for Christmas. For some reason, my mind has been on music a lot more than usual lately, so part of this renewal has involved creating a Spotify playlist of an, er, eclectic mix of seasonal tunes. I've been listening to it quite a bit, and it's definitely helped my spirits.

I imagine people are a bit over Christmas music by this point, but in case you're not, consider it my gift to you. And if you are, well, it'll still be around next year, probably with at least a few new additions. So it's still my gift to you, but like an ornament in your stocking, the kind you just set aside until you can use it a year from now.

My day involved some lovely gifts, a run, a bubble bath, a nap, and some pleasure reading. (Actually a few rounds of those last two.) Fred got some gifts as well, and some treats, and my napping means extra snuggle time, so it was a pretty good day for both of us.