Life Serial

Still grading. I suspect it may never end, that I'm stuck in some sort of metaphysical Groundhog Day loop until I learn a Very Important Life Lesson. New weird things keep popping up and requiring my attention. Email is overflowing with panicking students wondering where their grades are (though they're not due until Monday midnight, and I can count on my fingers how many of them ever submitted anything before it was due, so not sure where the panic is coming from). Faulty spreadsheet column means I have to recalculate everything. Still not done with one class (largest number of students, theoretically less grading load, so the worst is still ahead of me). Tomorrow I have an immovable deadline--or, more accurately, a long overdue deadline that has been kindly pushed to its maximum possible stretching point--so I'm going to have to find some way to write a couple of encyclopedia articles amid this self-reproducing onslaught of assignments.

However, after a full day of coffee-shop grading (so I wouldn't be tempted to nap), on my way home I took a detour to a local bookshop/bar that I usually avoid for fear of spending all my meager monies. I decided I deserved a beer (no vampires or kitten poker in sight). I was right. It turned out to be medicinal, as did flirting with the very cute bartender.

Plus, stopping for a breather meant that the rest of my walk home was timed just right to witness a rainbow (and also get sprinkled on a bit, but not enough to make me worry about my laptop). It felt like an omen, the universe sending me a smidgen of hope that I will indeed somehow survive the next two days. After which I am going to reward myself with yet another trip to the Cute Bartender's spot, and also, on Tuesday, a date (not with Cute Bartender, although I would not be averse to such a plan in the future).

For now, though, my life is all Blackboard and Excel, which I think everyone will agree is no way to live. Please send ice cream, shoes, and cute boys (bartending skills optional, but much appreciated), and hints to any Very Important Life Lessons that might help me break out of this cycle. Otherwise I don't know whether I can make it through, rainbow omens be damned.

P.S. Bingo on Friday was super fun, although of course I won exactly nothing, and afterwards there was dancing and karaoke and I sang two songs. That's two weeks in a row, so I may officially be over my paralyzing phobia of singing in public. (I went for the classics: Britney Spears and Alanis Morissette. Last week it was Christina Aguilera and Adele, because there's no better way to get over yourself than to deliberately set yourself up for technical failure but have a great time doing it anyway.)