I'm taking 12 antibiotics a day. Normally, I tolerate medicine pretty well, but not this time. (The main exception I recall from the past was quinine, which made me so sick after the first dose I decided I'd rather just risk the malaria.) Reading through the list of side effects of my current medication, I have about half of them, including one of the worst headaches I can remember, and horrible nausea. And those aren't even the worst ones. The result isn't pretty.

I had plans for a cheerfully seasonal post, something with just the right leavening of light humor, a sweet emotional glaze (but not applied too thickly), and dusted with colorful sprinkles of insight and meaning. It would've been glorious. You would have laughed while blinking away the start of tears, and looked around for someone to hug. Or, for the more repressed types, punched a hole through a door.

So, on second thought, perhaps it's best that I am only fit to leave you with this photo of Fred, enjoying the warmth of a crackling Yule season fire.

Fred enjoying a crackling fire